Annual Sports Day

Bethune College provides its students with games and sports facilities. The college games room has indoor games like Carom and Chess.The outdoor games section has BADMINTON and TENNIQOIT RING in its test.The college also provides for regular practicing of various throw and jump events.As far as the physical fitness section is concerned, the games room offers the students with bi- cycle, agro meter, twister, chest-expander, and ladies cycle. The college holds its Annual Sports Meet in the month of December every year. Besides this the college also participates in various inter- college sports meets and has many prizes to its credit.




Sports Day

A special event (100m run) was organized by the NSS Volunteers for the children of the adopted slum in the Annual Sports Day of the college on 22.02.2023.
First Aid was also provided to the participants by the NSS volunteers.


Sports Day and Inauguration of Gymnasium


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