Infrastructural Facilities


The total campus area of the college is 8926 sq. m. There are nine buildings in the college, namely, Vidyasagar Bhawan, Centenary Building /Kadambini Bhawan, Chandramukhi Bhawan, Pritilata Bhawan, Annexe Building, Archive Building, building that houses the Nivedita Prayer Hall, Auditorium Building and the Administrative Building. The administrative building of the college is a Heritage Building. The college campus has landscaped garden and beautiful pathways flanked by trees. There are 52 classrooms and 29 laboratories. Included in the total 52 classrooms are 15 classrooms with ICT facilities, 6 rooms with wi-fi and LAN and 6 smart classrooms. There are 5 seminar halls of which one is state- of- the- art hall with ICT facilities. There is an elevator in the Centenary Building. The college canteen provides healthy food at a nominal cost for students and staff.

The college has CCTV surveillance and also high boundary walls on all sides and a security Guard at the main gate for safety and security of its students. Water purifier machines and Sanitizer machines have been installed at strategic points in the college premises. Fire extinguishers are installed in each building and in laboratories and libraries.

Grants received from the Government of West Bengal, RUSA, and DST-FIST has been used for upgradation, maintenance and procurement of physical/academic support facilities. A significant amount from the first instalment of the RUSA grant was utilized in the upgradation of power capacity from 49 kVA to 200 kVA. Upgradation of the power capacity ensured a smooth teaching learning process for many more years to come. The horizontal extension of the Chandramukhi Bhawan that was initiated from the third phase allotment of RUSA with a vision to create a state- of- the- art archives and a dedicated alumni room is now complete.

There are two libraries in the college for Science and Arts subjects. College libraries are open access and fully automated with LIBSYS software and RFID technology. From the month of April 2022, the Library uses KOHA software. Department libraries are enabled to access OPAC with LAN. E-books and E journals are accessed through INFLIBNET-N-List Consortium. Photocopying and browsing services are available in the libraries.


  • Presently the Institution is equipped with 2 (two) internet connections updated to Optical Fiber (FTTH) network, one with speed 100 MBPS and the other with 40 MBPS.
  • The Office is using the updated facilities of technology to carry out the administrative works.
  • The Wi-Fi facility is provided to the Administrative Building, Science Library and in the Centenary Hall.

An especially abled toilet with ramp providing wheelchair access has been constructed. There are 4 more ramps in the college premises. One of the ramps provides access to the elevator and also to the Arts Library and Centenary Hall. Other two are located outside Pritilata Bhawan and Administrative Building. Construction of the ladies' hostel is complete. Fire safety and security arrangements are being supervised regularly. The basement of the administrative building has been fully renovated making room for old furniture and equipment. The auditorium is fully functional and serves as the venue of annual functions, conferences and seminars. The ground floor of the building houses the Science Library. The ground level of Nivedita Prayer Hall is used as the Girls' Common Room.

The college has a gymnasium and badminton court. The college shares the playground with Bethune School. There are two Solar Power Units in the college and for further energy saving, a shift to LED lighting is in process.

March, 2023