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04 Feb 2023
Students and faculty are requested to visit our library website ( / or Bethune College website ) to access webopac, i. e. Libray catalogue. For any query please contact librarian (8240232649).


The Library which has a rich collection of rare books is an integral part of this heritage college. The location of the Library has been changed a number of times. Initially the college library was situated in the Bethune School Hall. In 1940 Bethune College was shifted to the Christ Church Building now named 'Vidyasagar Bhavan' and the library was shifted to the first floor of the building. With the increase in the number of students, honours subjects, library grants and simultaneous increase of books, the necessity of a separate library building was strongly felt. In 1983, the library was divided into two sections, one for Arts and one for Science. Mrs. Mrinalini Emerson's quarters was converted to the science library and the Arts Library was shifted the second floor of the centenary building, 'Kadambini Bhavan'. Presently the Science Library is housed in the ground floor of a new building beside Chandramukhi Bhawan.

Arts Library Floor Area: 4900 sq ft
Science Library Floor Area: 1904.33 sq ft

Infrastructural Features:

  • The college library is fully automated with LIBSYS software and RFID technology. From the month of April 2022, the Library uses KOHA software. View Certificate
  • Library Automation enabled by RFID technology since 2019.
  • Open Access Library
  • Around 8 computers for OPAC Searching for students
  • Reading Room to accommodate nearly 50 students in Arts and Science Libraries. Also, open access feature ensures access to students near bookshelves where they can sit and read.
  • All departments are connected to Library server through LAN
  • Internet facility for students
  • Circulation Desk
  • Server Room
  • Book exhibitions organised on various occasions
  • CCTV Surveillance (nearly 8 cameras in Science & Arts Libraries)


The Library has a rich collection of about 1,00,000 (one lakh) books and journals. These include some rare and priceless books and journals. About 1100 new books are added every year. There are separate libraries for Science and Humanities to provide better accommodation and convenience. In addition to this, each department has its own Departmental library managed by the concerned department. 

Journals & Magazines
Apart from the e-resources, the library subscribes to around 12 journals and magazines.

Following is the detailed description of books & journals added from 1st July 2016 to 31st May 2022 updated August 2022 academic sessions: View Details



Activated and Purchased Ebooks

  9780199080342 India Revisited  Jahanbegloo Oxford
  9780199080373 Public Administration in India S. R. Maheshwari Oxford
  9780199081356 Talking India Nandy Oxford
  9780199080274 Politics of Inclusion Hassan Oxford
  9780190492144 The Making of Indian Diplomacy Datta-Ray Oxford
  9780199081387 The Nehrus B.R. Nanda Oxford
  9780199081417 In Search of Gandhi B.R. Nanda Oxford
  9780191868993 Evolutionary Genetics, concept Analysis Glenn-Peter Stre Oxford
  9781781830604 Nuclear Physics: Experimental and Theoretical Hans, H.S NEW Age
  9788122444803 Matrices and Tensors in Physics Joshi NEW Age
  9788122445053 Financial Mathematics Chakravarty, S.K. NEW Age
  9788122429626 International Financial Markets and India Machiraju NEW Age
  9788122433074 International Business Environment & Foreign Exchange Economics Singh NEW Age
  9781350160873 Aristotle and the Ethics of Difference, Friendship, and Filotas Bloomsbury
  9780486835556 The Ethics Spinoza Dover
  9781452261720 The Health Psychology Handbook Cohen Sage
  9789354353437 Science Fiction in India Kinane Bloomsbury
  9781470415761 Analytic Functions of Several Complex Variables Gunning AMS
  9781000294248 Real Analysis: With Proof Strategies Cunningham CRC Press
  9780226819051 The Connected Iron Age Hall Univ of Chicago Press


Archive & Manuscript Section

The Archive and manuscript section of this heritage institution was established in 2006 with grants from both State and Central Governments. It contains documents dating back to the inception of the college, i.e., 1879. Presently the archive and manuscript section has been shifted to the newly constructed Archive Building beside Kadambini Bhawan.
Currently, the Archive holds 240 Classified files, out of which, 145 are digitized, laminated and enlisted. 56 such files are bound, digitized, laminated and enlisted. There are some unclassified files in the archive. About 100 laminated old photographs are present in the archives. Some important files include a letter written by Chandramukhi Basu (1890), Principal Miss A.L. Janau's message to students (1917) and a letter written by Pritilata Waddedar (1931). 

Rare Books :

About 160 Rare/Old books and other documents published by Bethune College have been digitized.

Braille Books:

At present 42 such books are present in the library.


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Library Staff

Librarian :
Smt. Anjali Maisal Saha
M.A. in Political Science, M.Lib. Sc.
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Library support staff:
Arts Library

Jayanti Rakshit, Bearer
Sourav Das, Bearer

Science Library:
Kailash Ch. Das, Bearer
Pranabbrata Guhathakurata, Establishment Attendant