Intellectual Property Right Cell



Present academic milieu demands 'fearless knowledge'. Creation of knowledge, sharing of knowledge and representation of knowledge should be guided through ethical as well as legal frame work. Finally 'knowledge' metamorphosed into 'innovation' through 'incubation' at an ambient environment provided by 'Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell'. Purpose of IPR was perfectly a addressed in the lecture 'Ad(d)venture with Knowledge.... Stepping ahead with Intellectual Property Rights' was delivered by Prof. Prabuddha Ganguli at the University of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India on 13 November 2003 as part of UGC's Golden Jubilee Lecture Series.

"The need to "ad(d) venture" with knowledge is being felt more than ever before. We therefore need realistic legal frameworks that would nurture innovation, provide for ownership of knowledge, facilitate fearless knowledge sharing / transfer / rejuvenation, encourage fair benefit distribution between the innovators and society resulting in enhanced trade and societal advancement. Appreciation of the issues of knowledge ownership and IPR linked issues are now beginning to take a center stage in all knowledge linked activities."
Intellectual Property Right Cell, Bethune College is catering sensitization programs among stake holders of the institution and beyond.


  1. Samiran Ghosh - Zoology (Convenor)
  2. Sulakshana Karmakar- Chemistry (Co-convener)
  3. Sourav Ganguly - Physics (Treasurer)
  4. Dipayan Chattopadhyay - Botany
  5. Dipyaman Pal - Economics
  6. Rupa Pal - Mathematics


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