Dr. Sutapa Datta

Dr. Sutapa Datta

Position Assistant Professor (Stage 3) in WBES
Department Zoology
Specialization Environmental Biology and Parasitology


Degree Field of Study Institution Year
M.Sc Zoology Visva-Bharati University 2003
  B.Ed. Visva-Bharati University 2004
Ph.D Zoology Visva-Bharati University 2011

Contact Information

  • dattasutapa@gmail.com

Teaching Experience

  • Since 2008

Colleges served

  • Durgapur Govt. College: 16.12.2008 - 07.04.2015
    Bethune College: 2015-till date

Research Interests

  • Interested in the field of Parasitology and Environment Toxicology. The prevalence and disease manifestation of gut parasites in livestock and the role of different phytochemicals for controlling such parasites are under work. Biomonitoring of toxicants and their role on soil microarthropods are under investigation. These works are executed at PG level dissertation.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Undergraduate course in Zoology as per University of Calcutta Syllabus (CBCS and NEP)
  • Postgraduate course in Zoology as per University of Calcutta Syllabus (CBCS) UG : Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology: Controlling and Co-ordinating System, Fundamentals of Biochemistry Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates, Animal Physiology: Life Sustaining Systems,Immunology, Principle of Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Apiculture,DSE1. Parasitology Aquarium Fish Keeping,Animal Biotechnology . PG : Cell Biology, Genetics, Conservation biology,Biochemistry and Genetic Engineering, Parasitology and Immunology,Endocrinology & Comparative Animal Physiology,CBCC . Fundamentals of Biochemistry,Applied parasitology,Animal Behavior and Evolutionary Biology
  • Supervision of PG dissertation.



  • Sanyal, R., Nandi, S., Pandey, S. et al. Biotechnology for propagation and secondary metabolite production in Bacopa monnieri. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 106, 1837-1854 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00253-022-11820-6
  • Sutapa Datta and Valerina D Rozario. Pesticides as endocrine disruptors on the reproductive health of females. Bulletin of Environment Pharmacology and Life Sciences, Special Issue [1] 2022 : 95-102
  • Sutapa Datta and Sudeshna Mandal. Paraquat induced oxidative stress in the development of Parkinson's disease. Bulletin of Environment Pharmacology and Life Sciences, Special Issue [1] 2022 :130-135.
  • Sutapa Datta and Sabana Yeasmin, Morphometric analysis of Paramphistomes collected from the rumen wall of infected goats in Kolkata, West Bengal, International Journal of Development Research Vol. 10, Issue, 07, pp. 38572-38575, July, 2020.
  • Sutapa Datta, Sudipta Maitra and S.P. Sinha Babu Improved Antifilarial Efficacy Of Azithromycin By Acaciasides On Microfilaria Of D. Immitis In Vivo 4(2), 5149-5158, International Journal of Informative and Futuristic Research (2016), ISSN: 2347-1697
  • Sutapa Datta, S.P. Sinha Babu, Mechanism of Action of Acaciasides on Microsomes of Setaria cervi, Journal of Natural Products and Resources 2(2) (2016) 76-78. A peer-reviewed International Journal , ISSN:2455-0299 (online).
  • Prajna Gayen, Sudipta Maitra, Sutapa Datta and S.P. Sinha Babu 2010. Evidence for Wolbachia symbiosis in microfilariae of Wuchereria bancrofti from West Bengal, India J. Biosci. 35(1), March, 73-77. Impact Factor as on 2010: 1.888
  • Sutapa Datta, Sudipta Maitra, P. Gayen and S.P. Sinha Babu 2009. Improved efficacy of Tetracycline by acaciasides on Dirofilaria immitis. Parasitology Research 105: 697-702.
  • Sutapa Dattta, Sudipta Maitra, P. Gayen and S.P. Sinha Babu 2007. Absence of endosymbiotic Wolbachia of Setariacervi from West Bengal, Birbhum. Current Science, 93 (1) 22-23.

Book chapter publication

  • Sutapa Datta, Effects of Plant Extract on the Metabolic Activity of Rumen Flukes in vitro, doi:10.31674/books.2020.macbs

Book Publication

  • Sutapa Datta, Wolbachia: Potential Targets for Control of Filariasis, Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN (978-620-2-80173-7).

Paper Presentation/ Invited Lecture

  • Acted as a resource person in conducting eight day Faculty Development Programme on '' Online Teaching and e-Content Development'' organized by IQAC, Bethune College, 31.8.20-7.9.20
  • Invited lecture in Faculty exchange program, by Bejoy Narayan Mahavidyalay on 16.5.21, 25.5.21,26.5.21
  • Acted as resource person and delivered Invited lecture in “ Online Lecture Series for Under Graduate Studies in Zoology” organized by Zoological Association of Burdwan on 19.12.21

Conference/ Seminar Paper Presentation Details

  • National Conference on ''Science and Technology: Rural Development'' on 20-21 Jan, 2020 at Surendranath College, Kolkata. Presented a paper on ''Effects of phytochemicals on rumen flukes, Paramphistomum cervi''
  • International Seminar on ''Industry-Academia Interface'' on 11.01.2020 organized by IQAC and Department of Chemistry Bethune College. Presented a paper on ''Mortality of rumen flukes in response to Ricinus communis leaf extracts''
  • International Seminar on ''Innovation, Expansion, Impacts and Challenges in Chemical and Biological Sciences''8-9th January, 2020 at Surendranath College , Kolkata. Presented a paper
  • International Conference on Down Syndrome Research on 11-12 Feb, 2020 at Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta,The Zoological Society, Kolkata and T21 Research Society, Netherlands. Presented a paper on ''Down's Syndrome: An insight on Health Issues''
  • National Conference on Future India: Science and Technology, City College, Kolkata-700 009 And Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata on February 27-28, 2019, Presented a paper on Vitamin D deficiency and bone health.
  • National symposium on Oxidative stress in Health And Disease, Dept. of Biochemistry And Biophysics, University of Kalyani, 30-31 March, 2017, Presented a paper on ''Acaciasides induced membrane damage in Setaria cervi''.
  • National seminar on urban biodiversity conducted by Department of Botany, Bethune College on 6-7 March,2018, Presented a paper on ''Camouflage and butterfly''
  • UGC sponsored National Seminar on 'Recent Advances in Biological Sciences', Dept. of Zoology Gurudas College, Kolkata, 17-18 February, 2017, Presented a paper on ''Morphological and histological identification of Paramphistomum cervi in the rumen of infected goat from two locations in West Bengal, India.''
  • UGC sponsored National level Seminar "From Molecules to Ecosystem - A Zoological Perspective" organized by Department of Zoology, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College, Rahara, in collaboration with Department of Zoology West Bengal State University on 22.09. 2016 at Swami Vivekananda Hall of the College. Presented a paper
  • 5Th National conference on Respiratory Allergy and Immunology. ALLERCON-2015, Centre for Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, University of Calcutta, 10.01.2016, Presented a paper on ''Basics of respiratory allergens''.
  • UGC-sponsored National Seminar on "The biggest challenge of green chemistry to use its rule in practice" (held at Department of Chemistry, A.K.P.C Mahavidyalaya, Bengai, Hooghly, 8- 9 October, 2015): Presented a paper on In vitro effects of Acaciasides on microsomes of Setaria cervi.
  • Participated in DBT-Sponsored workshop on "Bioinformatics for therapeutic interventions" at PG Dept. of Botany, Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata on 16th Jan, 2020.
  • Participated in International Workshop on ''Tools and Techniques in Air Quality and Health Impacts Assessment, 23-25 Nov,2019'', Department of Environmental Studies, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India in association with Department of Biology, Toxicology Centre, and School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Professional Affiliations

  • Life member of the Zoological Association of Burdwan
  • Life Member - The Zoological Society, Kolkata [35, B.C. Road, Kolkata- 700 019]