Dr. Samiran Ghosh

Dr. Samiran Ghosh

Position Associate Professor in WBES
Department Zoology
Specialization Molecular, Applied & Clinical Genetics


Degree Field of Study Institution Year
M.Sc Zoology Banaras Hindu University 2000
Ph.D Zoology Nort Bengal University 2018

Contact Information

  • itssamiranghosh@gmail.com

Teaching Experience

  • Since 2001

Colleges served

  •  ABN Seal College: 08.12.2001-14.12.2012
    Bethune College: 15.12.2012-till date

Research Interests

  • Studies on the role of SNPs in gene action. This field gradually demands interest in Whole genome era. Gene association in polygenic diseases also influenced by SNPs. Linkage disequilibrium analysis of SNPs are now opening yet unknown association of genes associated for inheritance of many diseases silently. Present interest of research is to look into the association of SNPs in different genes on a chromosome in a particular disease through linkage disequilibrium analysis. Functional characterization of SNPs for differential gene action utilizing Whole Genome databases, predicting association of SNPs for diseases development and genotype distribution with in cohorts.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Undergraduate course in Zoology as per University of Calcutta Syllabus (CBCS and NEP)
  • Postgraduate course in Zoology as per University of Calcutta Syllabus (CBCS)

Topics being taught

  • Molecular Genetics, Cyto-Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics, Conservation Genetics, Disease Genetics, Pharmacogenetics, Biochemistry
  • Supervision of PG dissertation.



  • Ghosh, S. (2021) Linkage disequilibrium study on SNPs in Skin PigmentationGenes: Chromosome specific markers for Vitamin D Deficiency. Heritage: VIII,p39-44
  • Biswas, I. Ghosh,S. and Ray, N. (2006) Effect of Low temperature preservation on delayed hatching of egg of Muga silk worm, Antheraea assama West wood. J. Exp. Zool.9(1):249-254
  • B.Ray, N.Sikdar, S.Ghosh and P.P. Majumder (2000) A new MspI polymorphism (g17416G>A) in intron 3 of the Human delta aminolevulinate dehydratase gene. Human Mutation(online), Mutation Polymorphism Report 193

Chapter in Books

  • Ghosh, S. (2021) Folic acid deficiency: Genome wide Association Study(GWAS) for candidate marker. The Other half: Meditations on Women’s Space in Culture, Past and Present. Edt by K. Roy, N Bagchi, A Bagchi & S.Ghosh, p154-161
  • Ghosh,S and Krishna.A(2003) Polycystic ovary Syndrome: Search for genetic marker, Current views in fertility management. Edt. By A.Krishna, S.K. Singh and V. Tripathi , 175-184

Research Grants

Sl No. Title of Project Funding Agency Amount Date of completion
1 “Studies on Embryogenesis with reference to identification of Low temperature resistant Embryonic Stages In Muga Silk Worm” UGC Rs.50,000 2006
2 Funded project Documentation of Peoples Information for preparation of Peoples Biodiversity Register (PBR) of Coochbehar Municipality, West Bengal West Bengal Biodiversity Board Rs.75,000 2010
3  Studies on metabolic shift during embryonic development and low temperature preservation of Muga silk worm, Antheraea assama,Ww, egg for improvement of seed production technique. (FPSW-110/09-10) University Grants Commission Approved: Rs110650 16.11.09 to16.11.11
4 Studies on potentiality of Muga Silk as Biomaterial for Nano medicine
Indian Council for Medical Research Rs.320250 01.11.2011 to 31.10.2013
5 Development of Nano Silver impregenated Muga Silk bandage with inherent antibacterial properties
Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi Rs.529500 08.09.2014 to 08.09.2017