Dr. Mala Neogy

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: M.Phil. ; Ph.D
Email id: mala.neogy@gmail.com

UG Teaching Experience – 12+ years.
PG Teaching Experience - 5+ years.

Papers Published:
  1. A.K.Datta, S.Thappa and Mala Neogy; Mitostatic effects induced by aluminium salt in some plant species. Environment and Ecology :13(4): 809-813, (1995).
  2. Mala Neogy and S. Mukherji; Interaction of penicillin with various membrane active agents on pigment release from beet root tissue. J. Natl. Bot. Soc. : 50 : 65-67, (1996).
  3. A.Pem, N.Paul,Mala Neogy and S. Mukherji; Response of pea seedlings to automobile exhaust. J. Natl. Bot. Soc. : 51 : 93-97, (1997).
  4. Mala Neogy,J.K. Datta,S Mukherji and A.K. Gorai; Effect of aluminium on some physiological parameters and seed yield in mungbean(Vigna radiata L. Wilczek). Indian J. Plant Physiol. :4(4) : 317-319, (1999).
  5. Mala Neogy, J.K. Datta, S. Mukherji and A.K.Roy; Effect of aluminium on pigment content, Hill activity and seed yield in mungbean. Indian J.Plant Physiol. 6(4) : 381-385, (2001).
  6. Mala Neogy, J Datta, A.K.Roy and S.Mukherji; Changes in Nitrogen, Protein, Amino acid and Proline content in mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) seedlings as affected by toxic levels of aluminium. Indian J. Plant Physiol. :7(1) : 62-65, (2002).
  7. Mala Neogy, J.Datta, A.K.Roy and S.Mukherji; Studies on phytotoxic effects of aluminium on growth and morphological parameters of Vigna radiata L. Wilczek. J. Environ. Biol. :23(4) : 411-416, (2002).
  8. Mala Neogy and S. Mukherji; Effect of aluminium on activities of some
    antioxidant enzymes in Vigna radiata L. Wilczek. J. Botan. Soc. Bengal :64(1) : 57-60, (2010).
Principal investigator UGC Sponsored Minor Research Project:-

Antioxidant activities on some leafy vegetables-a comparative study.
Co-Investigator of the project:Documentation of Bidhannagar Flora and Fauna (Sponsored by Bio-Diversity Board).

One of the Organising members of the:-

  • Seminar on Plant Science Research and Human Welfare, 2012 (Dept. of Botany, Bidhannagr College)
  • the “ Biodiversity Concerns in the Present Millenium, 2007.” (Dept. of Botany, Bidhannagr College)

Participated in ;--

  • the Workshop on Presesnt Scenario and Future Prospect of Cryptogamic Botany,2011.(Organised by Prabir Chatterjee Research Foundation and Department of Botany, University of Calcutta.
  • International Symposium “ A Journey from Plant physiology to Plant Biology”, 2008. (Organised by Bose Instituted, Kolkata.)
  • About 9 UGC Sponsored National Level Seminars

Colleges served:

  • Darjeeling Govt. College.
  • Hoogly Mohsin College,
  • Bidhan nagar College