Dr. Kamala Gupta

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D (2006) entitled “Biochemical and Molecular Analysis of Mechanism of Polyamine Action in Rice cultivars in response to salinity stress” under the Supervision of Prof. D.N.Sengupta, Division of Plant Biology, Bose Institute. Kolkata. Degree awarded from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
Email id: kamalagupta@gmail.com

DBT-Post Doctorate Fellow (2006), under the Supervision of Prof. K.P.Das, Dept of Chemistry, Bose Institute, Kolkata.

MSc in Botany (1997)
Department of Botany; University of Calcutta. Specialization in Plant Physiology Biochemistry, Molecular Biology.

  • Teaching Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics at the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of Botany Department of Bethune College, Kolkata.


Molecular dissection of abiotic stress tolerance in plants.
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  • Saha J., Mitra T. , Gupta K. , Mukherjee S. Evaluation of Antioxidants in the Methanolic Extracts of Flower, Bark and Leaf of Saraca asoca(Roxb.)Wilde by DPPH and HPTLC assay. International Conference on Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sciences , 2011. 263-267
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PUBLICATIONS ( Invited Review Articles/Book Chapters)

  • · Dey A, Gupta K, Gupta B. Role of Polyamines in Plant-Pathogen Interactions. In: Gill SS & Anjum NA (eds), Amino Acids and Their Derivatives: Significance for Plant Stress Adaptations, Springer-Verlag (Communicated)
  • Gupta K and Gupta B (2011); 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; JN392001-13
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  • Chitrita Chatterjee, Bhaskar Gupta, Kamala Gupta “Isolation & partial characterization of heavy metal tolerant bacterial strains” 3rd International Conference on Ecotoxicology & Environmental Sciences ( ICEES 2011) from Nov. 28, 2011 to Nov. 30, 2011 Miramar Residency, Panaji, Goa, India
  • Kamala Gupta, Bhaskar Gupta, Sabari Sarkar, Anamika Das, Shemushi Banerjee, Hemlata “Isolation and partial characterization of bacterial strains showing heavy metal tolerance” National seminar on Bioresource and Human welfare, Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata, January 20th -21st, 2011.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Characterization of microbes from sewage effluents” in UGC, WBSUB, Dept of Microbiology, Rashtraguru Surendranath College sponsored National symposia on “Recent Trends in Microbiological Research” September 7th-9th, 2009.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Molecular Mechanism of polyamine action during salinity stress in rice” in International Symposium on “A Journey from Plant Physiology to Plant Biology” organized by Plant Physiology Forum and Bose Institute, Kolkata November 24th-28th , 2008.
  • Poster presentation entitled “Molecular mechanism of Polyamine action during salinity stress in rice” in the International 10th FAOBMB Congress, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, December 6th -11th, 2003.
  • Presented Poster entitled "Understanding the role of Polyamines in plants" in the 2nd International Congress of Plant Physiology on Sustainable Plant Productivity under Changing Environment, IARI, New Delhi, January 8th -12th, 2003.
  • Presented Paper entitled "Mechanism of polyamine action : From Membrane Stabilization to activation of MBP Kinase” in National Symposia on Plant Physiology & Biochemistry in Transgenic Era and Beyond, December 1st-3rd, 2001.
  • Received Best Poster Presentation award for the paper entitled “Molecular mechanism of polyamine action during salinity stress in rice” 69th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biological Chemistry. Science City, Kolkata, December 7th-9th, 2000.
  • Received Best Poster Presentation award for the paper entitled “Mechanism of polyamine action during salinity stress in rice” National Symposia on Plant Biology, Kasaragod, CPCRI, Kerala, February 3rd-5th, 2000.
  1. Co-Investigator in a Major Research Project entitled “Conservation & Documentation of Wild Biodiversity in Bethune College Campus & Surroundings” funded by West Bengal Biodiversity Board [506/3K(BIO)-4/2009 dated 09.12.2009], Govt. of West Bengal, India, started from February 2010. Duration: Three Years. Amount: Rs.8, 00,000/-. Man power: Two Project Fellows.
  2. Principal Investigator of University Grants Commission (UGC) New Delhi, funded project entitled, “Identification and documentation of microbes from sewage effluents of different localities in Kolkata” UGC-MRP No: F.W.PSW-042/10-11(ERO) started from November, 2010.Duration: One and half years. Amount: Rs. 1, 47,000/-
  3. Co-Investigator in Multi-Institutional DBT (RGYI) funded Major Research Project entitled “Molecular dissection of Polyamine mediated hyperosmotic stress tolerance in cultivars of Indica rice”. 2012-2015.
  • Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-1997), with subjects Chemistry, Microbiology, and Biochemistry; conducted by Indian Institute of Technology, INDIA.
  • Qualified State Level Eligibility Test for Lecturer (2001), conducted by College Service Commission, West Bengal, India.
  • Qualified the prestigious National Eligibility Test for Lecturer and Junior Research Fellowship (NET-JRF, 2001), conducted by Council for Scientific & Industrial Research and University Grants Commission (CSIR & UGC), New Delhi, INDIA.
  • Was amongst the top 25 selected for the prestigious Shyama Prasad Mukherjee award 2001, conducted by Council for Scientific & Industrial Research and University Grants Commission (CSIR & UGC), New Delhi, INDIA.
  • Invited review editor: African Journal of Biotechnology, Journal of Medicinal Plant Research, African Journal of Microbiology.