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    Established in 1879, BETHUNE COLLEGE is the first women’s college in India. 

It is a Government College under the aegis of the Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal. Know more about the college legacy.

Institution Head
Professor Sangeeta Tripathi Mitra, M.A. Ph.D


The Mission of the College has always been the development of a complete woman. Great emphasis is laid on the historical and cultural heritage of India, nurturing such values that can inculcate a sense of patriotism among the students and bring them up as conscious and self-reliant citizens of the country. Students are provided with the opportunities required to identify and develop their inherent qualities to help them flourish as complete human beings and take on the role of responsible and sensitive global citizens.

The motto of the College,
Viddaya Vindatey Amritam”, which means knowledge provides immortal bliss, epitomizes the College mission and the spirit of true learning. By the end of the three years spent in the College, students are equipped with inner strength and  confidence to face society in general and the world of higher learning in particular, to become a complete woman.
  • To make higher education of women an effective tool for emancipation of women and help them participate in the socio-economic transformation of the nation.

  • To continue to produce responsible individuals who can have a constructive role to play in overall societal development.




The College mission and goals are truly reflected through the academic curricula as well as the extra-curricular activities. A series of multidisciplinary lectures are delivered in addition to the curricula, to realize the mission and goals of the College. Intra-college competitions in various fields, like dance, music, drama, creative writing, elocution, poster-painting, debate and sports help to develop creative and social skills, and leadership qualities; seminars shape their scientific temper and academic aptitude; meditation enhances intuition which is a source of scientific query; social work, through extension activities, creates holistically integrated, self-confident and self-reliant women - instrumental in socio-economic transformation of the nation.


    Scholarships and stipends  
     From the State Government

The holders of National Scholarship are entitled to free studentship depending on their family income in addition to the actual scholarship from the State Government.

The Directorate of Public Instruction, West Bengal, awards free studentships to needy and deserving candidates on the recommendation of the Principal.
There is a Students’ Aid Sub-committee of the Teachers’ Council, which selects the candidates on the basis of applications invited from them. The criteria for selection are the family income and the academic performance of the student. 
The State Govt awards post-Matric scholarships to SC/ST students.
There are some non-government organizations like Jindal Trust, Aamra etc, which grant scholarship to the students of this college.

From Bethune College

The College itself has a Students’ Aid Fund. Various types of financial assistance are extended to the students from this fund, mainly in the form of book grant, help in payment of fees for Part I and Part II examinations and excursion fees. Aid for medical purposes is provided in some instances.

Besides this, there are several Endowment Funds created by the well-wishers of the College. The Income generated from these Endowment Funds is utilized each year for giving stipends to the selected students. The following stipends are awarded by the College on merit cum means basis:

  • Ramjitendra Ghosh Memorial Stipend for a needy student of 1st year B.A class.
  • Bimalacharan Law Stipend.
  • D.N. Ray Memorial Stipend.
  • Eva Mitra Memorial Scholarship (inaugurated in 2004) awarded to a student of Botany Honours or a student of any of the Science departments.
  • Juthika Ghosh Memorial stipend awarded to needy students of Sanskrit Honours.

There are other scholarships provided by well-wishers on purely merit basis:

  • Papiya Dutta Roy Memorial Stipend awarded for good result in Political Science (Hons.) in B.A. part I Examination.
  • Srabanti Banerjee Memorial Scholarship awarded for good academic performance.
  • Dr. Nilmani Mukherjee Scholarship, awarded in Economics (Hons), Bethune College.
  • Sarala Ghosh Memorial Scholarship (inaugurated in 1996) awarded to two students of Bethune College for securing highest marks in Arts & Science in the Annual Examination.
  • Kamalabala Mukherjee Memorial Scholarship awarded for highest marks in B.Sc. Chemistry (Honours) from Bethune College.
  • Sumita Mitra (Basu) Memorial Stipend (inaugurated in 2006) awarded to three students on merit cum need basis, every year.
  • Nilima Misra Memorial Stipend (inaugurated in 2007) awarded to a needy and meritorious student.

Teachers’ Fund:

All the members of the Teachers’ council including the Principal contribute annually towards a fund, which is used to make grants to needy students of all the departments.



The College is affiliated to the University of Calcutta at the undergraduate degree course level.

The college is affiliated to University of Calcutta for conducting two year Post graduate courses in four subjects, namely, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics and English.

Bethune College is accredited at the "A" Level by NAAC



Bethune College is a college under the Govt. of West Bengal & the Principal is the administrative head of the college. Like all government colleges, Bethune College too, has a governing body in accordance to the government rules. The president of our governing body is Dr. Bharati Ray, former MP and former pro vice-chancellor of Calcutta University (academic). The body has nominees from the government of West Bengal, Calcutta University, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and student as well. The body meets at regular intervals and helps in college administration.

  Jyotsnamayee Dey
Jyotsnamayee Dey Endowment Fund was created in 2006 through the generous donation of Shri Amit De, the son of an alumna of the college, Late Jyotsnamayee Dey. This fund was created for two teaching fellowships in Computer Science and Mathematics Departments.

Tarak Sudha 
Family of our ex-student Late Sudhalata Sarkar has instituted “Tarak - Sudha Endowment Fund” at Bethune College from 2004 ; from which three Fellowships, two in Computer Science and one in Mathematics, are awarded to duly qualified ladies who act as full-time teachers.




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