Govt. of West Bengal
Bethune College
Bethune College


Dr. Samata Biswas

General Information
Department English
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D
Specialization Body Studies, Feminisms, Cultural Studies.

Teaching Experience

6 years, 6 months (UG)

Colleges Served

  • Haldia Government College


  • Currently involved in a research project titled "Haldia: the Makings of a Logistical Space", in collaboration with Calcutta Research Group and Western Sidney University.
  • Completed UGC Minor Research Project titled "Reading the Fit (?) Body: Body Cultures in Contemporary Bengal", August 2013.
  • Completed M. Phil, titled "Family Limited: Working Women and the New Popular Culture", EFLU, Hyderabad, 2007.

Paper Presentations

  1. 'Plan Your Diet': Sananda and the New Femininity in Contemporary India" at the UGC-SAP organized National Seminar on "Popular Culture: twentieth Century in India", at Department of History, Visvabharati University, Santiniketan, 2nd and 3rd February, 2018.
  2. "Look younger, feel better": Youthfulness and the Contemporary Politics of the Body", at "Ageing, Ageism, Cultures" conference, 21st and 22nd September, 2017,
  3. "Migrating to Labour, the Labour of Migration: Some Methodological Observations", as a resource person at Feminist Methodology Workshop, organized by Department of Political Science, Delhi University, at Delhi, 18th to 22ndSeptember, 2017.
  4. 'The (un)sanitary City: Infrastructure and the Body in Kolkata" at Critical Studies VI, 23rd to 25th August, 2017, organized by Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group, at Swabhumi, Kolkata.
  5. Delivered two (02) special lectures on William Golding's Lord of the Flies, to PG Sem II students at Department of English, Maulana Azad College, April 2017.
  6. 'The 'Other' Logistics': Women and Work in Haldia' at the XV National Conference on Women's Studies, 22nd to 25th January, 2017, organised by Indian Association of Women's Studies, at University of Madras, Chennai.
  7. 'Dalit Camera: Through Untouchable Eyes'. Delivered lecture on social media and protests as resource person at UGC sponsored National Seminar on "Media, Politics and Economics in Post-Globalization India" , at Gurudas College, Kolkata, on 22ns September, 2016.
  8. 'Fat is just not sexy': Public Health, Fat and Desires in Post-Liberalisation Indian Films" at the International Symposium on "Sexuality, Health and Cultural Narratives" at the Department of English, Jadavpur University. 24th August, 2016.
  9. "Migrations and Displacements in Haldia" at the International seminar on "Migrations and Citizenships", at IIAS Shimla, 30th May- 1st June, 2016.
  10. "Beef is the Secret of Our Energy: Food Cultures, Marginalisation and being Dalit" at the Young Researchers' Conference, Department of English, Presidency University, Kolkata on 8-9 March, 2016.


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  2. April 2017. (co-edited with Parthasarathi Muthukaruppan) broadsheet on Violence: Event and Structure (Anveshi Broadsheet on Contemporary Politics), ISSN 2278-3423
  3. "New Sites, Older Forms: Indian Chick Lit and the Working Woman" in Heritage vol. 4, 2017. ISSN 2349-9588
  4. (Forthcoming in 2016) (co-edited with Atig Ghosh) Volume on Social Media and Humanitarian Disasters, Women Unlimited.
  5. (Forthcoming 2016) "John Steinbeck: The Grapes of Wrath" in Kaustav Bakshi , Pritha Chakraborty and Sarbani Mukherjee (eds.) volume on American Novels. Worldview Publishers, Kolkata and New Delhi.
  6. (Forthcoming 2016) "The Looks and Figure that Matters: Body, Beauty and Anxieties of Weight Loss" in Navaneetha M. and Shefali Jha (eds.) Thinking Women: A Feminist Reader. Stree, Kolkata.
  7. (Forthcoming 2016) "Exploring the 'social' of Social Media: Protests Against Rape and the Cultural Landscape of Our Times." In Atig Ghosh and Samata Biswas (eds.) volume on Social Media and Humanitarian Disasters. Women Unlimited.
  8. Book review entitled "Enquiring into Media Practice: The Hoot Reader and Our Times" in Refugee Watch: A South Asian Journal on Forced Migration. Issue No. 42, December 2013.
  9. "Women's Bodies in Grapes of Wrath: sexuality, normativity, docility and authority." Appropriations December 2012.
  10. "The End is Not Really the End: Sesh Sanghat and the Media Obsession with Armed Resistance" in Pradip Basu (ed.) Red on Silver: Naxalites in Cinema. Setu Prakashani. Kolkata: 2012.
  11. "Reading Mills and Boon in India: Genre and Readership", published in the Seminar volume of the UGC sponsored seminar entitled "Popular Fiction: Cultural Artifact or Commercial Production", 2011.