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The Library has developed together with the college as an indispensable part of the entire college. The location of the Library has been changed a number of times. Initially the college library was situated in the Bethune School Hall.

In 1940 Bethune College was shifted to the Christ Church Building now named ‘Vidyasagar Bhavan’ and the library was shifted to the first floor of the building. With the increase in the number of students, honours subjects, library grants and simultaneous increase of books, the necessity of a separate library building was strongly felt. In 1983, the library was bifurcated into the Arts Library and the Science Library and the two wings were shifted to two separate buildings - Mrs. Mrinalini Emerson’s (ex-Principal’s) quarter became the science library and the second floor of the centenary building now named ‘Kadambini Bhavan’ became the Arts Library.

Built-up area of the library


An area of 279.97 sq. ft comprises the lending section, processing section, journal section, reference section etc. The library can boast of several journals, and certain general and essential reference books for easy access. An area of 1543.05 sq. ft. is allocated for book stacks and 383.73 sq. ft serves the purpose of a reading room.


The total area is about 4000 sq. ft. comprising a reading room with book stacks containing course books, reference books, rare books and old journals, a lending section and a processing section.

Number of staff working in the library is eight.
  Technical/ Professional Staff : One Librarian
(for Arts and Science Library)
  Group-D staff : Five (three for Science and two for Arts Library)
  Working hours
of the Science Library
: 10-30 a.m. – 4-30 p.m. (week days) 
10-30 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Saturdays)
  Working hours
of the Arts  Library
: 10-30 a.m. – 4-15 p.m. (week days) 
10-30 a.m. – 3-15 p.m. (Saturdays)
    During the summer and the autumn vacation the library remains open from 12 noon to 4 p.m.
(Monday to Friday)


In addition to the General Library, every department (except Computer Science & Statistics & Hindi) has a seminar library. The seminar library has been built up with the aim of providing easy access of students to books. It contains texts and reference books which are often needed by the students and they can borrow these books with permission from the departmental teacher. The functioning of the seminar library is determined by the departments concerned.


Both the Science and the Arts Libraries are fully computerized.

We have multi-user library software under client server connected by LAN to various departments.
The widely used Linux-based Library software LibSys (College Version) has also been installed. Since all the departments of the college are connected through LAN, On-line Public Access Control (OPAC) is available to all departments.

The main features of this software are :

  • Powerful catalogue search facility based on author / title / keyword / subject
  • Password authenticated multiple users
  • Issue and Return facilities
  • Status enquiries on both users and books
  • Stock verification
  • Purchase of books
  • Reservation facilities
  • (Proposed) Web access of the library database through internet by the users .

Both the Science and the Arts Libraries are regularly updated with books and journals to meet the requirement of the students and faculty.

Replicas of famous Indian sculptures and archaeological remains excavated from college premises are kept in a separate almirah in the Arts Library.

 Seminar Library


  • All the Honours Departments have been equipped with computers for use as  teaching aids and for maintenance of departmental records. These computers are linked to the Libraries, thereby, enabling the staff to search and know the status and availability of books in a short time.

  • All departments are linked to each other through LAN.

  • Internet facility is available to all the faculty members. Students are also allowed to use the Internet in the College libraries, U.G. Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science as well as the P.G. Departments of Botany and Zoology. The same facility would be extended to the P.G. Departments of Mathematics and English from the next academic session.


A Self-financing Course on Computer language and Computer applications by WEBEL at Bethune College has been started from 2006. It is compulsory for all students of first year to enroll in the course. The course is customized to cater to the needs of the students of the different Departments.


Since the goal of Bethune College has been to provide holistic education to the students, thereby helping them to grow up into self-confident and self-reliant individuals, they are taught to respect their country and fellow human beings. Certain moral values such as honesty, sincerity, dedication and a genuine desire to help the needy are inculcated in them through different extra-curricular activities as well as through a course of lectures named
Ethics and Value Education”.

The college invites eminent speakers to address the students on the life styles of illustrious personalities, and on themes that reflect the glorious traditions of our country, not to speak of our own institution.

These lectures highlight human values and qualities necessary in a balanced and responsible individual. All students of first year are to enroll in the series of lectures. They are awarded a certificate on completion of the course.



Extension / NSS activities of the College

The NSS unit of Bethune College got formalized in 2006. Dr. Leena Sen is the teacher in charge of the unit and the Programme Officer.

Our students regularly participate in different activities beneficial to society:

  1. They surveyed and developed the need base data for the villagers of Banipur Gram Panchayat at Uluberia of Howrah district. The data base included the income of the family, education, health etc. They submitted the data base to Vivekananda Swasthya Seva Sangha so that this NGO can take necessary remedial measures.
  2. They frequently visit SOS village at Salt lake to teach the orphan children of the village various extra-curricular activities such as chanting, elocution, singing as well as make them aware of their surrounding. The children are taught the names of the plants they see everyday.

Blood donation camp Our College organizes blood donation camps in collaboration with West Bengal Blood Donors Association annually.

Medical Camps and Health awareness programmes
Free medical check up of the students is organised by eminent doctors some of whom who are ex-students of the college .

Regular visits to the Blind Opera
The Blind Opera at 38/4A Nilmani Mitra Street is a NGO, which organizes stage shows by the blind people.

The NSS unit of our college undertakes the following activities

  1. Reading out the scripts of the forthcoming drama
  2. Making them aware of the contemporary social, political and economical background of the drama

The NSS unit also puts up street dramas on important contemporary issues like water conservation. The unit undertakes traffic awareness programmes as well.

 SOS Village - NSS



There is a career-counseling cell, which conducts interactive seminars, organises presentations by external agencies to guide our students regarding prospective jobs and / or higher education and also to instill in them entrepreneurial skills from an early age.

The convener and members of the committee maintain regular contacts with corporate business houses. The companies are invited on a regular basis to give guidelines to students regarding employment opportunities.

  Summary of the activities of the Career-Counseling Cell during 2006-07

1. TCS conducted a Campus Recruitment program for the students of Bethune College. It was attended by about 25 students out of whom 6 were selected. Candidates were selected from the following departments:

Computer Science Hons: 2

Physics Hons: 4

2. Satyam conducted a centralized campus recruitment program and selected 5 candidates from the following departments:

Computer Science Hons: 4

Physics Hons: 1




Understanding the agonies and psychological conflicts of adolescent students, the Department of Psychology has opened a counseling unit to cater to their needs and render necessary help. The counseling cell started functioning from 27.3.04 and counseling service is provided to students on a regular basis.


Students of this College will get medical facilities from Students’ Health Home in lieu of a nominal annual Membership Fee of Rs.5 only.



This is a single storied structure near the main gate where the students and staff of the college can buy food at a reasonable price. It is run by a voluntary Organisation, and functions during the working hours of the College.



Students of this College will get medical facilities from Students’ Health Home in lieu of a nominal annual Membership Fee of
Rs. 5 only.



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