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The Library has developed together with the college as an indispensable part of the entire college. The location of the Library has been changed a number of times. Initially the college library was situated in the Bethune School Hall.

In 1940 Bethune College was shifted to the Christ Church Building now named ‘Vidyasagar Bhavan’ and the library was shifted to the first floor of the building. With the increase in the number of students, honours subjects, library grants and simultaneous increase of books, the necessity of a separate library building was strongly felt. In 1983, the library was bifurcated into the Arts Library and the Science Library and the two wings were shifted to two separate buildings - Mrs. Mrinalini Emerson’s (ex-Principal’s) quarter became the science library and the second floor of the centenary building now named ‘Kadambini Bhavan’ became the Arts Library.

A New building has been constructed beside Chandramukhi Bhavan where the Science library is now located on the ground floor.

The Library has a rich collection of about 1,00,000 (one lakh) books and journals. These include some rare and priceless books and journals. About 1100 new books are added every year. There are separate libraries for Science and Humanities to provide better accommodation and convenience. Each department has its own Departmental library too.

Built-up area of the library

Total area of the Library: 6804.33sq ft. (total of 2 buildings)
Arts Library 4900 sq ft.
New Science Library 1904.33 sq ft.

Number of staff working in the library is eight.
  Technical/ Professional Staff : One Librarian
(for Arts and Science Library)
  Group-D staff : Five (three for Science and two for Arts Library)
  Working hours
of the Science Library
: 10-30 a.m. – 4-30 p.m. (week days) 
10-30 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Saturdays)
  Working hours
of the Arts  Library
: 10-30 a.m. – 4-15 p.m. (week days) 
10-30 a.m. – 3-15 p.m. (Saturdays)
    During the summer and the autumn vacation the library remains open from 12 noon to 4 p.m.
(Monday to Friday)


In addition to the General Library, every department (except Computer Science & Statistics & Hindi) has a departmental library. The departmental libraries have been built up with the aim of providing easy access of books to students. It contains texts and reference books which are often needed by the students and they can borrow these books with permission from the departmental teacher. The functioning of the departmental libraries are determined by the departments concerned.


Both the Science and the Arts Libraries are fully computerized.

We have multi-user library software under client server connected by LAN to various departments.
The widely used Linux-based Library software LibSys (College Version) has also been installed. Since all the departments of the college are connected through LAN, On-line Public Access Control (OPAC) is available to all departments.

The main features of this software are :

  • Powerful catalogue search facility based on author / title / keyword / subject
  • Password authenticated multiple users
  • Issue and Return facilities
  • Status enquiries on both users and books
  • Stock verification
  • Purchase of books
  • Reservation facilities
  • (Proposed) Web access of the library database through internet by the users .

Both the Science and the Arts Libraries are regularly updated with books and journals to meet the requirement of the students and faculty.

Replicas of famous Indian sculptures and archaeological remains excavated from college premises are kept in a separate almirah in the Arts Library.

 Departmental Library


  • All the Honours Departments have been equipped with computers for use as  teaching aids and for maintenance of departmental records. These computers are linked to the Libraries, thereby, enabling the staff to search and know the status and availability of books in a short time.

  • Computer and internet facility is available for the faculty and students
    within the campus. Internet access through the departmental terminals is provided to staff and students. Staff members have their account for online access through INFLIBNET


A Self-financing Course on Computer language and Computer applications by WEBEL at Bethune College has been started from 2006. It is compulsory for all students of first year to enroll in the course. The course is customized to cater to the needs of the students of the different Departments.

    Scholarships and stipends  

From the State Government

The holders of National Scholarship are entitled to free studentship depending on their family income in addition to the actual scholarship from the State Government.

The Directorate of Public Instruction, West Bengal, awards free studentships to needy and deserving candidates on the recommendation of the Principal.
There is a Students’ Aid Sub-committee of the Teachers’ Council, which selects the candidates on the basis of applications invited from them. The criteria for selection are the family income and the academic performance of the student. 
The State Govt awards post-Matric scholarships to SC/ST students.
There are some non-government organizations like Jindal Trust, Aamra etc, which grant scholarship to the students of this college.

From Bethune College

The College itself has a Students’ Aid Fund. Various types of financial assistance are extended to the students from this fund, mainly in the form of book grant, help in payment of fees for Part I and Part II examinations and excursion fees. Aid for medical purposes is provided in some instances.

Besides this, there are several Endowment Funds created by the well-wishers of the College. The Income generated from these Endowment Funds is utilized each year for giving stipends to the selected students. The following stipends are awarded by the College on merit cum means basis:

  • Ramjitendra Ghosh Memorial Stipend for a needy student of 1st year B.A class.
  • Bimalacharan Law Stipend.
  • D.N. Ray Memorial Stipend.
  • Eva Mitra Memorial Scholarship (inaugurated in 2004) awarded to a student of Botany Honours or a student of any of the Science departments.
  • Juthika Ghosh Memorial stipend awarded to needy students of Sanskrit Honours.


Details of Institutional Scholarships issued to students during the last four years

Name of the Scholarship/ Stipend No. of
Total Amount
in Rs.
Debendra Nath Roy Memorial Scholarship for good academic performance 05 5000
Sumita Mitra Memorial Scholarship for good academic performance 02 2600
Nilima Mishra Memorial Stipend for good academic performance 01 850
Chhanda Mitra Memorial Stipend for good academic result in Physics Honours 01 1000
Papiya Dutta Roy Memorial Stipend (for compulsory excursion) for economically weaker students of PG Course in Zoology & Botany Depending on
the number of
Special prize by Dr. Pratip Palit for Botany Special Paper 03 3000
Eva Mitra Memorial Scholarship for good academic performance in Botany 01 825
Debendranath Das Memorial Stipend for good academic result in Zoology Honours 01 1000
Shrabanti Banerjee Memorial Scholarship for Political Science Honours 01 700
Nilmoni Mukherjee Scholarship for Economics 02 740
Kamalabala Mukherjee Memorial Scholarship 01 825
Juthika Ghosh Memorial Scholarship for good academic result in Sanskrit 02 4000
Bimalacharan Law Memorial Stipend for good academic result in Sanskrit 02 684
Ramjitendra Ghosh Memorial Stipend for good academic result in Sanskrit 02 330
Sarala Ghosh and Aruna Mukherjee Memorial Scholarship 02 944
Shyama Charan Ghosh and SRS Basak Scholarship for Sports 01 125
Total 27* 31,623
*Excluding Papiya Dutta Roy Memorial Stipend    



Teachers’ Fund:

All the members of the Teachers’ council including the Principal contribute annually towards a fund, which is used to make grants to needy students of all the departments.



Jyotsnamayee Dey
Jyotsnamayee Dey Endowment Fund was created in 2006 through the generous donation of Shri Amit De, the son of an alumna of the college, Late Jyotsnamayee Dey. This fund was created for two teaching fellowships in Computer Science and Mathematics Departments.

Tarak Sudha 
Family of our ex-student Late Sudhalata Sarkar has instituted “Tarak - Sudha Endowment Fund” at Bethune College from 2004 ; from which three Fellowships, two in Computer Science and one in Mathematics, are awarded to duly qualified ladies who act as full-time teachers.



Bethune College has introduced a Compulsory Certificate Course in Ethics and Value Education for the First year students of both Humanities and Science streams. The objective of the Ethics and Value Education Course is to create awareness, conviction and commitment of the students to social and moral values for improving the quality of life through education. The course begins with an Orientation lecture delivered by in-house faculty which is followed by lectures delivered by eminent personalities from various fields who are invited to present papers and interact with the students.

These lectures highlight human values and qualities necessary in a balanced and responsible individual. All students of first year are to enroll in the series of lectures. They are awarded a certificate on completion of the course.



Extension / NSS activities of the College

The NSS unit of Bethune College was formalized in 2006. Dr. Partha Karmakar is the teacher in charge of the unit and the Programme Officer. The College maintains a very active NSS unit. The students are motivated to participate actively in the programmes organised by the NSS unit. Health check up camp and seminar on health problems especially related to women are organised by the NSS unit of the College every year. NSS activities also include visit and help to old age home, blood donation camp and programme for thalassemia test.

During the years 2009 and 2013, the College has been awarded thrice for its NSS activities:

  • In 2010, it received the ‘Sabita Gupta’ Memorial Challenge Trophy for highest number of blood donors.
  • In 2012, Bethune College was given the award of Best College for NSS
  • In 2013, the College received the award of ‘Sashibhusan Roy
    Memorial’ for the previous session for maximum number of blood

Some Recent NSS Activities are as follows:

Session 2011-12

  • Health check-up for women pavement dwellers.
  • Blood tests for students in order to check Thalassemia (in collaboration with Chittaranjan Hospital, Kolkata Medical College, Nilratan Sarkar Medical College and School of Tropical Medicine).
  • Tree plantation programme and a programme for boycotting polythene bags (in collaboration with Bodhana, an organisation working with differently abled children and orphans).

Session 2012-2013

Several camps in slum areas including a Pulse Polio vaccination awareness camp, a Blood Donation camp, and a Seven day special camp on various issues including Cooking Gas Use and Safety Measures (in collaboration with Success Elevating Forum), Cancer and Women’s awareness were organised.

A seminar on Drugs and Youth, and an eye care camp were part of the special camp.

Unit Celebration of World Energy Day, Yuba Divas and World AIDS Day.

Thalassemia awareness drive continued by arranging seminar and organising Thalassemia tests for the first year UG students.

Workshop on Human Rights, in collaboration with International Association for Religious Freedom was organised.


 SOS Village - NSS



Bethune College helps its students to step up steadily in their future career and life as well. In this regard, a team of Career Counseling Cell is very much proactive to explore diverse fields of employment for graduate and post graduate students through meets with various companies and placing them according to their interests.

The Career Counseling Cell conducts support programmes that enhance their chances to select future course of study as well as placement. The Cell holds regular workshops for the final year students to zero in on their skills and aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses network with the industry leaders/institutes of higher studies to provide them with the opportunity to find a suitable placement/future career.

The Cell has been successful in bringing the best of companies, like WIPRO, TCS, GENPACT etc., to name a few, to the campus head hunting so far and is working relentlessly to enhance connections with various other renowned organisations/industry leaders/institutes so that it can provide the best of the opportunities to its students for their future.

Regarding any more information required, please contact:
Tel: (033) 2241-1731,
Email: placementcell.bethune@gmail.com 

  Recent Activities of the Career Counselling Cell

Workshop on Content
Writing by Ruchismita Mukherjee,
Applications SAP, IBM
India Pvt. Ltd.in September, 2011

Presentation on Teach for India Movement Personnel from Times of
India September, 2011

Workshop on Presentation Skill
Mr. Santanu Sinha
Chowdhury (British Council, Kolkata)
April, 2012

Job Fair NIIT January, 2013




Understanding the agonies and psychological conflicts of adolescent students, the Department of Psychology has opened a counseling unit to cater to their needs and render necessary help. The counseling cell started functioning from 27.3.04 and counseling service is provided to students on a regular basis.





This is a single storied structure near the main gate where the students and staff of the college can buy food at a reasonable price. It is run by a voluntary Organisation, and functions during the working hours of the College.



Students of this College will get medical facilities from Students’ Health Home in lieu of a nominal annual Membership Fee of Rs. 5 only.



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