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  • Three year Honours Degree Course (Calcutta University).
  • U.G. General Course for students with Honours in other Humanities/Science subjects.
  • Two year Post-Graduate Course in English (affiliated to the University of Calcutta).






Name of the Teaching staff



Highest qualification Specialization
  Dr. Anasuya Guha   Professor and
Head of the Department
  M.A., (1st class 1st), C.U.; Ph.D, J.U.   Shakespeare
  Sm. Sonali Chakrabarty   Associate Professor   M.A., M.Phil, J.U.   Modern Fiction
  Dr. Debalina Banerjee   Associate Professor in West Bengal Education Service   M.A., PhD J.U.   19th-century English Literature; Middle Class Women in Bengal; Gender Studies and Socio-psychological relationships; Indian English Writing; Creative Writing
  Dr. Durga Ghosal   Associate Professor   M.A., Ph.D.   Futuristic Fiction
  Sm. Shuchismita Mitra   Assistant Professor   M.A.   Ancient European Classics; Colonialism and postcolonialism; Cultural Studies
  Sm. Mandira Mitra   Assistant Professor   M.A.(Gold Medalist, C.U).    Narratology
  Sm. Piyali Gupta   Assistant Professor   M.A.(Gold Medalist), MPhil   Victorian Lit, Gender Studies
Name of the Teaching staff   Designation Highest qualification Specialization
  Dr. Chhanda Chakraborty   Guest Faculty   M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D   Eighteenth Century Fiction
  Dr. Anushila Bhattacharya   Guest Faculty   M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.   Victorian Poetry, Modern Poetry - Yeats
  Smt. Sujata Bhattacharyya   Guest Faculty   M.A., M.Phil.,   Ancient European Literature and Travel Literature
  Sri. Anindya Sengupta   Guest Faculty   M.A., M.Phil.,   Film Studies
  Dr. Pradipta Mukherjee   Guest Faculty   M.A. M.Phil., Ph.D   Film & Literature


Name of the Teaching staff   Designation Highest qualification Specialization
  Dr. Mukul Sengupta   Former Principal, Maharani Kashiswari College, Kolkata   M.A., Ph.D.   Afro-American Women’s Literature
  Sri Sankar Chatterjee   Retired Faculty, Department of English, K.U.   M.A.   Ancient European Classics, Renaissance Literature,
19th century British Literature
  Prof. Pralay Kr. Deb   Former Professor and Dean, Faculty of Arts, K.U.   M.A., Ph.D.   Ancient European Classics, Renaissance, Restoration and 18th century Literature

Ongoing Research Activities


UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar

UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar - inauguration

UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar


Professor Anasuya Guha


  1. Glimpses of the History of English Literature, Kolkata, 2009

  2. Sita Devi-r Teenti Upanyas (ed.), Dey's Publishing, Kolkata, 2009

Papers Published during 2010-2011 period:

  1. Caesar and Cleopatra: Shaw’s Reworking of History as Farce, in Lady Brabourne College Journal (Refereed Journal), 2010.

  2. Subarnalata o Shakespearer Bon, Kali o Kalam, Dhaka, May 2010.

Paper Presented in 2009-2011:

  1. ‘Shakespeare’s Sister’ in ‘Breaking the Silence; Reading Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir and Ashapurna devi’, International DRS Seminar, Department of English, University of Calcutta, February 2009.

  2. Shakespeare’s Indian Incarnation: Creativity Unbound, International DRS Seminar on Shakespeare Translations. Department of English, University of Calcutta, February 2010.

  3. ‘Subarnalata O Shakespearer bon’, Sahitya Akademi, National Seminar, 2009.

Cultural Presentations in 2010-2011:

  1. Presentation of Shakespeare's texts at Sixth World Shakespeare Conference, 2010.

  2. Presentation of Rabindranath Thakur's 'Swadeshi Samaj' at Minerva

Dr. Durga Ghoshal

Ongoing MRP September 2009 -2011: Designing Life and Crisis of Values in the Writings of Wells, Orwell, Golding and Skinner

MRP on Women’s Studies:
Two separate Short-term Projects undertaken by Sm. Kumkum Chakraborty and Sm. Manjari Ghosh and completed in 2010.

Papers presented

  1. Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Golding’s Lord of the Flies (Paper submitted for post-seminar publication)

  2. U.G.C. Sponsored State-Level Seminar: ‘Evil and its Ramification in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and other Plays’ (06.08

Ms. Shuchismita Mitra

Paper published:

  1. ”Utopia, Uchronia and the Impossibility of a Revolution: A Comparative Study of Thomas More's Utopia and Bhudev Mukhopadhyay's Swapnalabdha Bharatbarsher Itihas.” in Technologies of Revolution: society, Economy and Polity, Barasat Government College. Barasat: 2011.

Presentations at Conference:

  1. “Role-play and Shifting Identities in Popular Hindi Cinema: A Case Study of Jo Bole So Nihaal.” Paper presented at the Tenth Melus Melow International Conference, Chandigarh, February 25, 2010.



Ms. Shuchismita Mitra

The Curious Case of Nihaal Singh: The Politics of Censorship and Identity in Hindi Popular Cinema, A Case Study (Paper presented at the International Conference of Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the World, Punjab University, Chandigarh, February 2010).

Utopia, Uchronia and the Impossibility of a Revolution: A Comparative Study of Thomas More's Utopia and Bhudev Mukhopadhyay's Swapnalabdha Bharatbarsher Itihas. (Paper selected for publication in the journal of the UGC-Sponsored State Level Seminar Technologies of Revolution, held in Barasat Government College, March 2010).

      Picnic - Organised by English dept Drama  

  • Active participation in Debates, Creative Writing, Drama, Sports, Students’ Union activities, NSS, Picnics and Excursions.
  • Presentation of papers at students’ seminars (UGC National Level Seminar- English, Philosophy & Political Science; UGC Seminar – Women’s Studies
  • Active involvement with NGOs rendering social service.

  • Seminar library with rare books.
  • Book Bank.
  • Access to the Internet and multimedia facilities for academic purposes.
  • Multimedia facilities and audio-visual aids for teaching and presentations including screening of films related to the course.
  • Tutorial classes.
  • Induction into methods of research through writing of Term papers and Dissertations.



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