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    The College was established during the Bengal Renaissance in the nineteenth century. So, in order to acquaint our students with their rich heritage and to urge them to carry their legacy forward, the Institution has been conducting these instructive seminars on luminaries like Chandramukhi Basu, Kadambini Ganguly, Pritilata Wadder, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray and Sir Asutosh Mukherjee. With their active participation in these seminars and their thought provoking articles on these luminaries which were later published in the College magazine Adiganta, our students have proved that much as they greet change, they still revere their heritage.  

One day symposium sponsored by West Bengal Government
"Re-visiting Swami Vivekananda's Philosophy of Education"





UGC sponsored one day State level seminar on "Tagore in Translation 

organized by the Department of Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali and English of Bethune College in collaboration with Dept. of English, Bidhan Nagar Government College, Kolkata.







One Day State Level Seminar On Sir Asutosh Mukherjee

  AALAP - Annual Cultural Programme  

Since 2004, students of Bethune College have been organizing an annual Cultural Festival –'Aalap'. The College extends a platform for unveiling the extracurricular talents of the students through this annual fest.

Students are encouraged to participate in intra-college competitions that are held in September every year. This includes creative writing (Bengali and English), elocution, debate, quiz, poster-painting, recitation (Bengali and English), choreography, Rabindra Sangeet, light classical and drama competition.


Students also celebrate Teacher's day (5th September), Rabindra Jayanti (8th/9thMay), and Bethune day (12th August) as part of their cultural festivities.

The College pays homage to John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune by observing his death anniversary on 12th August each year. On this day a representative section of the students go to Bethune’s tomb and offer flowers.

The College also organizes a lecture known as Bethune Memorial Lecture by an eminent academician on this occasion. A tree plantation festival known as Banomahotsab is organized on that day.

Almost all the departments bring out wall magazines where students write on cultural, socio-political, scientific issues and on other themes of their own.




  1. Swami Shastrajnananda, Principal, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur delivered the Bethune Day Speech on John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune’s contribution to Women’s Education in India, 12th July, 2014.

  2. Felicitation of Smt Pranati Mukhopadhyay, celebrated author and alumna of Bethune College, July, 2013. Principal, Professor Sangeeta Tripathi Mitra and Professor Anasuya Guha delivered speeches on this occasion.

  3. Prof. Chinmoy Guha, Head of the English Department, University of Calcutta, erstwhile Vice Chancellor, Rabindra-Bharati University delivered the Bethune Day Speech on ‘Rabindranath O Romain Rolland Bisrito Ek Samlap’ on Monday, 13th August, 2012.

  4. Swami Tyagarupananda, Principal, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Ramakrishna Vivekananda University delivered the speech on “Sikha o Samajer Prati Daebodhhota” on Friday, 12th August, 2011.

  5. Dr. Somnath Bhattacharya, Associate Professor, Jadavpur University delivered the speech on “Nari Siksha, Bethune & Vivekananada” on Thursday, 12th August, 2010.

  6. Pravrajika Amalaprana Mataji, General Secretary, Sri Sarada Math & Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Dakshinesheswar delivered the speech on Wednesday, 12th August, 2009.

  7. Prof. Sunirmal Chanda, Vice Chairman, Centre for study of Man and Environment delivered the speech on ‘The Life of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose’ on Tuesday, 12th August, 2008.

  8. Swami Atmapriyananda, Vice Chancellor of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University delivered the Bethune Day speech on 11th August, 2007.

  9. Prof. Bharati Ray, President of the Governing Body of Bethune College delivered the Bethune Day speech on 12th August, 2006.






The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony is a mega event for the College and is held in the last half of February every year.


Bethune College provides its students with games and sports facilities. The college games room has indoor games like Carom and Chess.

The outdoor games section has BADMINTON and TENNIQOIT RING in its test.

The college also provides for regular practicing of various throw and jump events.
As far as the physical fitness section is concerned, the games room offers the students with bi- cycle, agro meter, twister, chest- expander, and ladies cycle.

The college holds its Annual Sports Meet in the month of December every year. Besides this the college also participates in various inter- college sports meets and has many prizes to its credit.






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